Louise Monkman – Senior Commercial Manager, Pukka

Louise Monkman – Senior Commercial Manager, Pukka

Louise has worked in the FMCG Wholesale channel in various sales roles for more years than she cares to admit! Her first ‘on-the-road’ sales job was working for Booker as a Catering Development Manager. Since then, she has worked in and managed the Retail & Foodservice Wholesaler Channel for brands such as Butcher’s, Badger Beers and Rio Tropical, Rowse Honey & now the Nation’s Favourite pie!

Doing the Bike Bosnia Cycle Challenge in 2022 gave me the boost I needed to reassess what I want from life and what really makes me happy.

It was the push I needed to take stock, to make changes in my career and to prioritise my health & mental wellbeing; it was equally one of the hardest & most rewarding experiences of my life.

Seeing first-hand the incredible work MAG do whilst standing in one of the most beautiful, peaceful valleys I’ve visited highlighted how privileged our lives here in the UK are, and it breaks my heart that so many children around the world can’t even walk to school without fear of treading in the wrong spot…

Why wouldn’t I sign up again?!